Meet the Coaches

Cougar Softball - Established in 1993

Since 1993, coaches have been working hard to make MVHS Softball a quality program. One that our athletes, coaches, school and community can be proud of. You can expect our current staff to continue with that tradition!
Head of Program and Varsity Head Coach Lindsey Grosch
 Lindsey has over 9 years of coaching experience and as a player....too many to count! She is on fire and excited to bring her passion for the sport and sincere desire to help these kids succeed; not only in their sport...but also in life. This is now Lindsey's third year here at MV. She started as the JV coach in 2014 and continued in that role for 2015 until she was called upon to Head Coach both JV and Varsity half way through our 2015 season. With the full support of our coaching staff...she had no problem stepping up to the task. Bring on 2016; with the hiring of a new JV Head Coach, Lindsey was able to focus all her energy into coaching the Varsity team. Varsity last year finished with a strong second half to their season, made it to the post season, almost beat the #1 team in the state and finished the season being names Coaching Staff of the Year for the IMC!! Now heading into her second season as the full time Head Coach of the program and Head Varsity Coach, she is pumped and excited for this season!!!
Assistant Varsity/General Manager Brian Hayward
I am heading into my 17th season of coaching, managing or assisting here at Mountain View High School. I have had four daughters come through the program, all four of their high school years and graduated from MV myself. I love to give back to a school that gave to me. I've been asked many times what keeps me coming's simple....the kids! My thought is if I can make a positive difference in even one childs life; if I can give them hope....where they have none; if I can share a story or tid bit of advice that might keep them pushing on; if by just being there and showing that I care, if that just might keep some child from doing harm to themselves....well, then every hour, second, month, year, sweat, blood and's all worth it.
Head Junior Varsity Coach Samm Jolly
Sam has played softball for 11 years. When it came to sports....Softball was hers! She found her place....her passion was out there on the diamond! Sam is another of our Alumni coaches; she played all four years of her High School career as a member of the Varsity squad. Sad to put down the glove, she felt drawn to coaching to fuel the fire and give back to her Alma Mater. In 2014 she began coaching as an assistant to Lindsey on the JV team. After a brief break of one season....SHE'S BACK and excited to be helping once again! What she'd like her JV girls to remember..."Leave better than you came!"; and know that she is committed to helping you succeed...."our goal on JV is to get our girls up to Varsity, and we plan to do exactly that!!"


Assistant Varsity Coach Jon Rasmussen
Jon has been around the game for quite a long time now. Known and respected in the Central Oregon softball community by fellow coaches, by parents and by players. Jon's coaching skills are equalled by his true love and joy for the sport, working with kids and having a out right GREAT time!!! Jon started coaching here at MV in 2015, helping with the Varsity team. With the merging of the coaching staff half way through the season, Jon's laid back personality and desire to blend work and fun made that transition a smooth one. His attention to detail and a keen eye of the strike zone as well as the finer points of the game, make him a true asset to our coaching staff. That attention to detail is really going to come in handy as Jon will be our Pitchers/catchers coach this season.